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I think we all have our “whys” in this world. But, I really wanted to share with you Why I Started EB Boudoir. For me, it was an amazing journey to find my passion – Boudoir Photography.


EB Boudoir, Denver


Taking that leap was truly empowering not only for me but for my future clientele. Shifting and pivoting career paths when you’re established as a wedding photographer was a giant leap of faith. Built solely on listening to your gut, having a solid foundation of your craft, and investing in yourself #1. 

Why I Started

Figuring it out

I was a professional wedding photographer for years! That’s me, Emily Brault, Fine Art Photography! I had built a whole business as a photographer, which isn’t a guarantee and, like all freelance work, can be a rocky road of thrilling days and weeks to very passive months. 

My niche has always been portraiture which I was fortunate to refine over the years. I loved working with couples on their exciting and eventful wedding days, yet I found I was not too fond of the rush of the day. It was hectic and chaotic, and the moments I captured were magic, yet I knew something was missing. 


EB Boudoir, Denver


One fantastic fateful day, a bride to be asked me for something I had never expected….to photograph her in her bridal lingerie. Of course, I accepted! It was for her husband to be; the darling and gorgeous bride wanted to surprise her hubby with the gift of Boudoir! 

The experience was incredible, and I had never had the opportunity for such a challenge. After I edited the photos and sat down to review them, that noteworthy “ah-ha” lightbulb moment illuminated both of us. Not only was I so in love with these photos as an art form, but her transformation inspired me. It was as if someone had just shown her a mirror for the first time, and she was shocked by her confidence and beauty. This was not just a simple lingerie shoot; this was so much more, a gift of empowerment of self-love and personal expression to oneself.   

The Beginning

And ergo the beginnings of my newfound career as a Boudoir photographer!

Whether a bride gifting their soon-to-be spouse or a woman who needs that boost, it’s a super rewarding job. It’s not just about the art or pretty photos; it’s about making a difference in how women see themselves. I have never lost sight of that vision; that is the core of EB Boudior, my mission, and my values.

Building something is not easy, especially as a solo female entrepreneur. There were (and TBH still are) many challenges of uncertainty, the responsibilities and balance of motherhood, and just being a genuinely cool person navigating her way through life, like everyone else. 

I believe that every woman should experience the gift of Boudoir. Every woman is strong, beautiful, and unique – and now it’s time for you to see it.


Denver Boudoir, EB Boudoir


Experience it for yourself! Take that leap of faith as I did many years ago. I promise you will not be disappointed. You may be nervous, which is normal; however, that hidden diva or divine goddess you have in you will come out, babe. Trust in your magic. 

Wondering where to start? Where can you find me in Denver? How about an inquiry today! 

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