Ignite The Spark | Client Testimonial

Whether you and your partner have been together for two years or twenty, I can sometimes be hard to find that burning passion for each other. What if I told you, I have the perfect way for you to ignite the spark between you again in one afternoon?! I know, you don’t believe me. But […]

The Bad-Ass Boudoir Styling Guide

Hey there, girl! This handy guide is your best friend in preparing for your empowering boudoir photoshoot. We’re going to walk you through what to wear to flatter your amazing girl-bod while encouraging you to have fun with your choices. What you decide to wear for your session should reflect you and your own unique […]

How to Choose the Perfect Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir has certainly been on the up the past few years. You may even be wondering how it became so popular, so suddenly. Well, I’m here to help break down what boudoir is, where it came from, and why you should consider booking a session. But most importantly I’ll be exploring how to choose the […]

Uniquely You | Client Testimonial

What makes you unique? You may think it’s your sense of humour or your style. But to others, it’s the birthmark on your hip (that you dislike,) or your nose – that you’ve always wanted to change. What if I told you that those things you choose to fret over are the pieces that make […]

To Nude or Not to Nude

Boudoir, to nude or not to nude. That ‘s probably one of my most commonly asked questions! Generally, it goes a little something like “Yikes, I don’t have to go nude do I?!” The answer is – of course not, you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with! “Going nude just isn’t for me.” […]

What Music Should I Listen to During My Boudoir Shoot?

What’s your ‘get sexy’ song? We’ve all got one. Maybe it’s a slinky jazz tune a la Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago. It may be something with a hard, driving bass line (anybody else get the good kind of shivers during oh, any goth club scene in film ever?). R&B and soul could be your jam, […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

Finding The Perfect Lingerie For Your Boudoir Shoot

Hey ladies! Let’s chat about all of the silky, pretty little sets that are on the market and where to find the perfect lingerie for your boudoir shoot. Not only do I have some favourite shops and a few websites for you to look into, but I will also share some of my secrets on […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

Wearing The Right Bra Size Is Everything!

We’re all probably wearing the wrong bra size. Okay ladies, this recurring problem happens ALL. THE. TIME. We are walking around in our day to day lives wearing the wrong bra size. Seriously, it is TRUE. I’m here to tell you that being a woman is hard sometimes, and yes, there’s not a lot of […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer

What Should I Wear For My Boudoir Photoshoot?

When I am preparing to shoot a boudoir session, the most common question I get is: “What should I wear?” Do not worry ladies, I got you! When we think boudoir we typically think of lingerie, but that is not the only thing you can wear to a shoot! If this is a treat for […]

Emily Brault EB Boudoir Phoenix Arizona Boudoir Photographer