Black and White Vs. Color Photography

Black and White Vs. Color Photography. Which to choose, right? On one side you have vibrant warm skin toned images which can be ideal for intimate boudoir shoots. Then, there’s the timeless black and white boudoir images that will always be amazing and in-style. But which should you take home with you? Which is ideal […]

Traveling Boudoir Photographer

Hey ladies. Many of you know that I travel around a bit to visit clients in different states. I love this. Being a traveling boudoir photographer totally has its perks. Not only do I get to visit and offer a luxury boudoir experience to more clients, but I also get have mini adventures and travel […]

Sexy Couple’s Shoot | A testimonial

A sexy couple’s shoot can take on many thoughts in your brain, right? Everyone’s level of sexy is all up in the air because everyone’s scales and opinions are different. Truth? For an EB BOUDOIR couple’s session, it’s entirely up to my clients the level of “sexy” they want to capture. It’s more about connecting […]