Black and White Vs. Color Photography

Black and White Vs. Color Photography. Which to choose, right? On one side you have vibrant warm skin toned images which can be ideal for intimate boudoir shoots.

Then, there’s the timeless black and white boudoir images that will always be amazing and in-style.

But which should you take home with you? Which is ideal for YOU.

black and white photo of boudoir

To be truthful, I’m a bit of a black and white fan. And here is my mini list of why it holds a place in my heart.

1.) Black and white photos are timeless- they will always be in style!

2.) If you’re thinking of hanging your amazing and sexy photos on the wall, black and white will never clash with your home decor.

black and white vs color photography

3.) I’m 100% into vintage things so these have an almost vintage Hollywood look for me sometimes.

4.) We see you! With color photography, we can be distracted with the color of your lipstick or your lingerie. With black and white photography, we see you and only you, babe.

black and white photography

5.) There is a bit of mystery to the image and almost adds a hint more heat to the photo. Why not play and tease on the sexy side, love? We are talking boudoir images, ya know.


Color Photography Pros

But then rolls in the beautiful skin tones found in color photography. You see the beautiful tans, pink rosey lips and warmth found in the photograph. Something that black and white photography doesn’t really have the ability to do. That’s where color comes to play. If you’re wanting something to show that warmth, color is the perfect choice for you.

color boudoir photography

Also, another reason you may want to pick color is if you have a certain piece to your badass wardrobe that you want to be sure has a little bit of attention. Black and white will focus on YOU and not your wardrobe as much so if you’re super giddy about your outfit, be sure to have it well represented in a color photo.

white sheet set boudoir

There is truly no right or wrong answer. Often times when ladies come in to their Reveal and Ordering appointment, they love both color images and black and white images equally and have difficulty choosing at times. I say no worries. Go with your gut OR I’m always happy to help along the way. A nice mix of both is always a healthy choice I think.

color photography vs black and white


If you have any questions on what time of images you should be choosing, let me know! I’m always here for you ladies. XO

Emily B.