DIY Boudoir Hair

Let’s talk about DIY Boudoir Hair today, ladies… You might be thinking, “Should I go all out with a fancy updo or sleek waves?” Well, hold on to your curling iron, because I’ve got a little secret to share – sometimes, less is more! If you’d like to have my makeup gal do your hair […]

Boudoir Hair: Embracing Your Natural Curl

Welcome to a celebration of boudoir hair where it be curls, waves, and the untamed beauty that is your natural hair! In a world that often emphasizes sleek and straight locks, there’s something incredibly liberating about letting your curls run wild. In this blog post, we’ll explore the enchanting journey of embracing your curly hair […]

What to Bring | EB Boudoir

It’s all about What to Bring. So, I’m so excited you are here. The photography experience can be a nightmare of unnecessary stress for a first-time booker when you are unsure of what to bring to your boudoir session or how to prepare!? Maybe you are the type to plan out everything in advance, or […]

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