Boudoir Studio Refresh

My boudoir studio refresh has happened, ladies… BEFORE the boudoir studio refresh: I’ve been at the studio on Speer since 2020. Girls, let me just say it wasn’t the cutest. It had dark blueish grey commercial carpets (that had probably been original to the space). The walls were tan, and the lights? Well… they were […]

The Story Behind It | EB Boudoir

I get asked often about the story behind it all. What made me decide on EB Boudoir. How did I find myself here… Honestly, personal branding can be a daunting process, and a bad name can haunt you years down the road and lead to inconsistency with your online presence and confuse future clientele. However, […]

EB Boudoir, the story behind it

How to book a Denver Boudoir session | EB Boudoir

Do you find yourself wondering how to book a Denver Boudoir session? Babe, I got you.     It’s your time to book; you are excited and thrilled! So what’s the process? Well, hun, I am here to guide you through how to book a Denver Boudoir Session – it’s simple, trust me and the […]

Denver Boudoir, EB Boudoir

Denver Boudoir Studio: For Clients AND Photographers

4 Reasons Why Clients AND Photographers Want to Use This Denver Boudoir Studio In our Denver Boudoir Studio, we feel that every woman deserves to feel sexy. To feel alluring, and simply irresistible in her very own boudoir photoshoot is our ultimate goal. Hun, you were born to flaunt your curves, strut your stuff, and […]