VIP Group with EB BOUDOIR Denver

VIP Group you say?

Did you know that EB BOUDOIR has it’s own private all women’s VIP GROUP on Facebook?

Did you also know that every month the most active VIP members are entered into a giveaway to win Kate Spade Wallets and other cool prizes?

Of that’s not enough reason to join, keep reading to learn more!

boudoir vip group

I know. Joining one more group through any kind of social media can be a little overwhelming. We are already doing so many flippin’ things so why add to the chaos?! Well, here’s a few babes:

Reasons to Join the VIP GROUP

1.) Win cool prizes

2.) Be in all women confidence boosting group

3.) Learn about upcoming deals and discounts

4.) Learn more about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot

5.) Have a good laugh with all the daily posts and group engagement

Now that you got all the reasons to join the private VIP GROUP, don’t get FOMO and join today!

eb boudoir vip group on facebook

Hope to see you there, lovies!

Have questions and wanna reach out?! I’d love to hear from you hun!

Here’s a link to the contact page or reach out directly to

Can’t wait to hear from you!

XO- Emily