Why Hiring Cheap Is a Big “No-No” | EB Boudoir

Ok, I get it, we all are trying to save some dollars right now because we are in some seriously strange and uncharted territories. But, if I could give ONE piece of advice, it would be – why hiring cheap is a big “No-No”.

Boudoir has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and I mean I get why! Have you ever gone topless before? Hello, freedom! But the word cheap and boudoir do not go together.

Let’s get real for a sec babe – one thing I am here to help break down for you is picking the right photographer and avoiding the big “No-No“.

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you get what you paid for

I am sure you have heard this a thousand times before. I can certainly remember a few moments of being told this boudoir is definitely one of them.

Quality isn’t cheap. Doing your research and not cutting costs will allow you to relax, enjoy the moment, and be pampered like the goddess you are. If a budget is something you need to keep in mind, you could ask if your photographer you have in mind if they would be willing to do a mini shoot or set up a payment plan!

I’ve come up with three easy ways you can make payments and still get to do that amazing boudoir shoot you have been dreaming of for yourself:

The Boudie Bank

This option allows you to make prepayments into your Boudie Bank until you’re squared away before your shoot! When the time comes for you to order your products and images, you’ll already be up-to-date and ready to go!

Post-shoot Payments Plan

I offer a three, six, or nine-month post-shoot payment plan. This depends on how much you order, of course. If you wish to pay off your shoot before the term is over, you can do that too!

PayPal Credit

If you qualify, you can apply for credit through PayPal! Once approved, you can receive your products and images right away and I’ll send your invoice directly through PayPal. A perk here is that you don’t pay interest for 6 months. Exciting, right?

who wants to feel rushed?

There is nothing worse than paying for something, getting excited, pulling out all those outfits you have been dying to wear just to arrive and be rushed through the entire process.

With me, you can expect the exact opposite of that. Because I’ve photographed hundreds (yes girl- hundreds) of gorgeous and inspiring ladies, I’ve logged many hours to learn the best flow to our sessions without making you feel like you’re being rushed.

With our full hour of shoot time, we have plenty of opportunities to rock out the 3-4 outfits you’ve brought along with plenty of laughs and candid moments in between.

EB Boudoir, Self Love

they don’t care about the experience

This is a big one for me, because girl, it’s the hard truth. Cheap photographers won’t care as much about the experience for you or for them. It is just a JOB and you’re simply another number. That is a no-go at EB Boudoir.

With me, it is an experience every time you walk into my studio. Now, let’s say you’ve done the research and your dream photographer is a bit of a drive or even plane ride away. If this is an experience you’re only going to have once and you place value on it, it is worth every minute. And hey! Sometimes photographers with come to you! You could always check and see.

The experience for a boudoir shoot is EVERYTHING. A bad experience can cause emotional damage and not only break your confidence but truly make you feel icky. I don’t want that for you, babe, so please please please do your research and find that dream boudoir photographer that speaks to you!

EB Boudoir, Self Love

Taking the jump into boudoir is already SO exciting! The experience is what seals the deal and being able to love every part from walking in the door, posing, to receiving the finished product should be nothing short of amazing.

If more women in the world could have the boudoir experience, I truly feel it would make a huge difference in women’s view of themselves and their beauty.

So, please, if you are interested in boudoir, reach out to me girl, I would love to chat with you! Your beautiful, love. Let’s capture it.