Why You Shouldn’t Go Pinterest Crazy Before Your Boudoir Photography Session

Ladies, I know that once you’ve scheduled your boudoir session your first instinct is to fire up Pinterest and start looking for inspo. I mean, I’ve even TOLD YOU TO DO THIS in the past… But, with that being said, I want you to tread carefully, and here’s why!

For starters, you WILL get lost in there!

I don’t know about you, but this girl right here (raising hand with shame) gets DISTRACTED easily… If you’re anything like me, you’ll start looking at boudoir shoot ideas, lingerie, poses, etc. and end up 4 hours deep in recipes for homemade granola bars or ending your day wondering if you should get bangs. Well, I got bangs and I’ve got zero regrets, but don’t do it!! Don’t get lost in the beautiful chaos that is Pinterest! It is amazing for so many things, but don’t spend too much time on boudoir photography inspo.

Second, you are going to be misled to believe that you have to be some sort of professional model to end up looking like the girls you’ll find in those pins!

Wrong!! Your shoot is going to turn out entirely YOU! I am going to work with YOUR angles, YOUR best features, the lighting in the spaces YOU are posing in. See what I’m saying?! It’s going to be an incredible experience and I want it to be so personal and unique, not a list of shoots you saw and want to try to reenact.

Pinterest will show you lingerie that may not be the best for your session and I want to be sure you choose the best pieces!

My best advice is to go out and try stuff on. You may think that something high-waisted is not for you only to find out that it makes you look like a famous 1950’s pin-up model. No matter what it is, you are going to make it look wildly sexy and incredibly beautiful, I promise!

I just recommend to always steer clear of those loose flowy nightgowns. Always wear form fitting pieces to show off those gorgeous curves. We’re flaunting them, ladies… not hiding them!

I am not knocking Pinterest because let’s be real….you can literally find anything on there! I am just saying not to get lost in the (beautiful) clutter and come into your session with the confidence that is going to translate into amazing pictures. And if you want to pin your pics after, you know I’m going to be your biggest fan!