Boudoir From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Hey gal pals! For those of you who are wondering what is the best location to shoot a boudoir shoot, worry no longer! Yes, I do have a beautiful studio here in Phoenix, Arizona and you are always welcome to come by. I also chatted last week on the blog about travelling sessions and how much fun that possibility could be for my out-of-state boudie babes! But now, let’s get back to our roots. To the place where we feel most comfortable. Where we love spending time. Our homes. Trying a boudoir in-home session may be a great option for you and here’s why!

#1 If you’ve already shot with me – Let’s switch it up!
For those of who who have shot with me before, we can always switch up locations and try out your most comfortable space. Your home can change the look of your previous photographs since we’re in an entirely new space! There’s also an added sexy element since it is your own space and really speaks more to who you REALLY are.

#2 More space to use!
Enough said, but really! Maybe you’re open to shooting in your backyard or your amazing kitchen. Your master bedroom is a stunning reflection of who you are, and your living room could be so much fun!! Let’s not forget about shower sessions!

#3 Variety of images 
You will have so many stunning photographs to choose from that I bet you won’t be able to pick just a top three!

All I ask for my boudie babes thinking of booking an in home session is that you submit a few photos of your space first. This way I can ensure there is ideal light, a space devoid of clutter, and that other than having myself and the EB Boudoir makeup team in your home, we will be free to have a whole lot of fun during your in-home boudoir shoot.

Think it over – you know you waaaaannnna!