What Your Boudoir Look Says About You!

There are so many different boudoir looks to try and that may suit your personality and style best. Whether you are trying a black on black with an air of dark and moody – or maybe wearing a light, airy I’m-getting-married vibe — I love helping my clients pick out their makeup palette, hairstyle, and outfits! Finding the perfect balance between style and images that speak to you and your personality is extremely important. I think deep down we all want to be the sexy siren that can rock the runway in crazy, strappy lingerie. If you can, and you are this girl, heck yeah! Keep on rocking! If you’re feeling a little nervous about picking a style, remember that you can look just as hot in a t-shirt and leg warmers!

Let’s start by chatting about what makes you feel confident! A cozy sweater and cotton panties? Black lace? Nothing? If you are comfortable and confident your sexy will shiiiiiine through. Here are some fun boudoir styles to consider when thinking about what fits you best!


A Classic Kind Of Gal

A popular choice is the classy, next door neighbour gal. With a dash of Victoria Secret’s makeup line and some messy, loose curls, you will glow in all your natural glory.


Vintage Pin Up Girl

Pop on a dramatic lip color and a themed outfit, and you’ll be for sure rocking a solid 1950’s vibe!

Couture – A Mix of Fashion & Art

Another great go to is to go with a dash of Victoria Secret’s makeup line and some messy, loose curls.  Try on an edgy or dark outfit to go full on fashion and showcase your high art vibes!

These are just a few of so, so, so many personalities out there! Of course, every beautiful soul is a wonderfully unique and you may see some boudoir style inspiration that sets your soul on fire. Never hesitate to reach out with your ideas or questions for your upcoming boudoir shoot! I loooove chatting about all things boudoir, my loves!