Tanning for Boudoir: Your Spray Tan Soulmate

Alright, boudie babes, let’s talk about tanning for boudoir. It’s a crucial mission to find the spray tan artist who’ll make you glow like you’ve just returned from a tropical vacation for your boudoir shoot (minus the sunburn). Picking the right spray tan artist is like choosing your tan-tastic fairy godparent, and we’re here to guide you through this bronzed journey with a touch of humor. We don’t want you to look orange for your #boudoirexperience, right?!

Let’s dive into the golden quest!

how to pick the right spray tan artist

1. The Tan-talizing Portfolio:

First things first, stalk your potential spray tan artist like you’re an undercover agent on a mission. You did when looking for me, right? Do the same for your tanning for boudoir.

Check out their portfolio. Do the tans look like they’ve just stepped off a beach in Bali, or are they channeling more of a ‘Cheeto chic’ vibe? Go for the golden glow, not the snack food orange.

2. The Bronzed Reviews:

Just like you wouldn’t hire a sushi chef without checking Yelp (unless you’re into risky business), read those reviews! Look for the words “natural,” “sun-kissed,” and “glow goals.” If there’s an abundance of “oompa loompa” references, it might be time to keep scrolling.

3. Tan Commandments:

Does your spray tan artist follow the sacred Tan Commandments? These include proper exfoliation rituals, sage advice on avoiding rain (unless you’re into the leopard print look), and, of course, the holy grail: “Thou shall not sport white immediately after tanning.”

4. The Tan-tastic Personality:

Your spray tan artist should be more than a skilled technician; they should be your bronze BFF! A good sense of humor can turn a potentially awkward situation into a tan-tastic bonding experience. If they can make you laugh while you’re rocking the disposable undies, you’ve found a winner.

5. Tan-talizing Technology:

Check if your chosen artist is up-to-date with the latest in tan tech. Are they using the finest spray tan gadgets, or are they stuck in the era of hand-cranked spray machines? We’re aiming for “spray tan of the future,” not “tan from the past.”

6. The Color Connoisseur:

A true spray tan artist is a color wizard. They should assess your skin tone and choose a shade that complements you, not makes you look like you’ve been rolling in a bag of Doritos. We’re aiming for goddess, not snack food mascot.

7. Emergency Evacuation Plan:

Does your spray tan artist have an emergency tan evacuation plan? Just in case things go awry, they should have a solution for tan mishaps. Because life happens, and sometimes you end up with streaks that rival a zebra’s chic stripes.

8. Tanning for boudoir Tan-ticipation Time:

A good spray tan is like a fine wine; it takes time. If your artist is rushing you in and out like a fast-food joint, it might be time to reconsider. Tan-ticipation is part of the process, my friend.

Remember, choosing a spray tan artist is a commitment—like finding the love of your life, but in tan form. So, go forth, glowing warriors, and may your tan artist be as fabulous as your future tan lines! 🌞✨

Tanning for Boudoir and a referral? I suggest Emily Turner’s Golden Hour Salon in Denver, but if you don’t visit that Goddess or her team of amazing tanning babes, please follow the guidelines above!


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(Please note, these photos are not my own. These are from Golden Hour. Thank you!)

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