Framing Your Boudoir Photos | Yay or Nay?

Framing your boudoir photos on the wall- who on Earth would do such a thing?! What if my Grandma sees? What if my mother-in-law sees?! Oh the horror… (Hyperventilating while hand dramatically flies the forehead…)

But is it, really?

framing your boudoir photos

So Many Frames to Choose From

I don’t think the fear is in the types of frames I sell, because my frames are completely gorgeous.

You can check out this helpful and super informative blog I posted with all the details on my gorgeous boudoir frames here. I’m warning you, you may wanna go shopping so tread carefully for those of you who are retail therapy type girlies out there like me.

I think the main point to this entire blog is less on what type of frame to pick, but how do you get the gumption to show off your badass self on the wall, right?

eb boudoir frames

Why Framing Your Boudoir Photos is Amazing

1.) You got the courage to rock your boudoir session, babe. Let’s not be shy and hide them in a drawer to be forgotten.

2.) For those more anonymous photos that don’t show your face, people may not even know it’s you! Then it’s a little sexy secret between you and your partner.

3.) I wouldn’t let you purchase a photo of you where you didn’t look breathtaking! Why not be proud of your new found confidence? You’re a Goddess!!

4.) If you’re still nervous, you hang them in your master bath, walk in closet, or display them on your night stand! What better way to wake up in the morning and get reminded of how sexy and fierce you are?! Start your day off right.

Did I Win You Over?

Well, if that didn’t convince you, but you kinda have an inkling to try framing your boudoir photos, DO IT! If you’re that concerned someone will see them, you can always tuck them away for an hour or two. Then pop them back up.

The reminder on the wall may also stimulate some sparks in the bedroom, ladies. Let’s make your man miss you while you’re away. XO

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