Boudoir Outfits on Amazon

I know, ladies. Shopping for the perfect Boudoir Outfits can be a daunting task. Where do you start?

To me, a boudoir outfit doesn’t need to be lingerie. It can be a favorite t-shirt, chunky sweater, a button up, it could be a sheet! But if you’re like me, and you enjoy lingerie, here’s some affordable options that I’ve found on Amazon for you!

Here’s a link to the boudoir outfits on Amazon, but keep reading for the reasons why these are on the list!!


Amazon bodysuit for boudoir session

If you’re comfy rockin’ a body suit, GET ONE! Oh my goodness ladies. They’re my #1 choice for all ladies of all body types. They’re super flattering for one, but also, if you’re a little nervous for your shoot, it’s an easy start to the process where you don’t feel super exposed. 😉


sexy boudoir t shirt

The white t shirt. Now, you may have one of these simple beauties at home, so perhaps you don’t need to purchase one. I personally think this distressed one is AMAZING. Added bonus? We can make it a wet white t shirt to make it extra steamy! (Again, only what you’re comfy with lovie.)


fishnets for boudoir outfits

If you’ve been following my social media, or if you’ve taken a peak at my boudoir gallery, you know that I’m a proud supporter of a lady wearing fishnet stockings for her shoot. Add a black two piece underneath for some detail! Or, if you’re wanting to push yourself, you can do pasties and no bottoms!


sexy bra and panty for curvy babes

A sexy two piece bra and panty set is always a perfect choice for boudoir outfits too! This two piece specifically would look amazing on anyone. I love the beautiful lace and the high waist panties! They’re so flattering. Plus, the crisscross on the bralette provides a sexy little detail.


Now, I have a bunch of other items on the boudoir outfit list on Amazon if you click the link. Have fun shopping and not breaking the bank, love-bug.

Have questions?! Shoot me an email to You can also hop over to my Instagram at @ebboudoir.

I cannot wait to hear about your shopping, girlie!