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I think this is an important thing to cover when it comes to hiring your Boudoir Photographer. So, let’s dive into the 5 things that are a must-know!


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The word you have just entered into your search engine, and now the arduous task of scrolling through the results begins. 

It is a simple word, yet burdened by taboos of outdated interpretation.  

However, Boudoir photography has grown dramatically in popularity over the years. The market is teeming with female entrepreneurs, and I am proud to be creating a new representation of Boudoir. 


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Now to the task at hand, finding your Boudoir photographer is both a thrilling and an anxious process. After all, this is not your average corporate headshot or special occasion photography search. 

I want your first boudoir experience to be met with professionalism, empowerment, and an experience you will cherish! So, in support of your search, I hope to streamline things for you and take the edge off a bit. I’ve put together a list of my go to’s and highlighted some red flags for all the things you should know before hiring your first boudoir photographer. 

5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Boudoir Photographer

Where do they shoot? 

Your safety and comfort should be at the top of the list. If their location is not on their studio’s web page, I will count that as a no-go. Transparency is everything. Now, some photographers travel, and you can inquire where they would shoot, etc. For example, I showcase my Denver Boudoir Studio on my site. I’ve not only put a lot of work into it but love to reveal the design, where the building is, and what you can expect! 


Do they have good reviews?

You will need to do a little bit of digging off their website for this one. Try an incognito search for starters if you’re using chrome, Yelp, Reddit (I know it’s somewhat gen-z but if it comes up in your search, click on it!) Testimonials are lovely to showcase on your website for any business, and I am proud to have many on my site from my wonderful clientele. I took it a step further with some video testimonials to speak to the experience and put an authentic stamp on it due to the inflated world of ‘paid reviews.’ Girl, believe. Yikes! So if you find a photographer that invests energy into sharing the experience genuinely, that’s a sure great sign! Check their social media!! They may make content specifically about customer experience. 


EB Boudoir, Denver


Do you like their work? 

Sounds simple, but after scrolling through their pictures, what’s your feeling? Did any of them resonate with you? Are they overly photoshopped? If you’re not inspired, move on. If the words’ wow, beautiful’ don’t pop up in your head, don’t settle. Keep searching, babe. 


Do you feel comfortable with them? 

Ask for a consultation. Zoom, Facetime, drop into the studio. Inquire with them and go from there. This initial interaction should give you plenty of intel about their demeanor and tone. Read their social media! How do they represent themselves online? Do they have a community? Like our EB Boudoir Facebook group

Is there value in their work?

Let’s talk personal and financial. You can and will get a sense of a potential photographers’ values from all of the above. Who are they as a brand, and how does that translate through representing themselves in a genuine way, not shameless self-promotion. Are they advertising themselves as ‘cheaper’ than everyone else on your list? You can sense a trend of common price points. Avoid the ‘super cheap’ option. I would recommend waiting and saving up for a better experience. 


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My most heartfelt advice? Find a safe space, intimacy is personal, and you need to be in a safe environment with a trusted photographer with healthy, feel-good vibes. Trust your instinct, you know when you’re just not into it, or something seems a little ‘meh.’ 

I’m happy you are here. And very happy that your search led you here. 

Let’s connect! Send me a little note if this has been helpful or if you have questions! 

And if you’re already at a ‘heck yes, let’s do this!’ and feel confident that EB Boudoir is the best choice for you, book with me today!