Independence Day | EB Boudoir

Well, it’s about that time of year- the smell of delicious BBQ is everywhere, children laughing clad with sticky watermelon fingers, the sound of firecrackers going off and the smiles from the people we love are all around. A complete sensory experience, am I right? It’s Independence Day, babes.


Independence Day, EB Boudoir


I thought this year we could celebrate Independence Day a little different – but very needed. This year, let’s celebrate as independent women.  And when I say independent, what I mean is:


There are so many freedoms that I wish to celebrate this year, from loss to gain from experience turned evolution to the simple fact that we are moving forward little by little out of the pandemic!! I wish all my darling bad-ass boudoir babes the same, and I hope you make a very special wish this July 4th. Something transformative. So as we take this holiday to celebrate and be with each other, let’s also do a little something for ourselves. 

Let’s Celebrate Independence Day

The boudoir experience is a perfect gift to yourself, to celebrate the wins and the losses and say “Hey! I’m here, and I’m attracting and manifesting good vibes only“.

Let’s be real- there are countless mentors, coaches, influencers, leaders, authors, models, actors, experts, and analysts who share their ideas and gifts daily with us. What about you? Who is your hero? Isn’t it worth considering that you are the author, the leader, the coach, and the influencer of your own story? 


Independence Day, Denver


I believe moving in the direction of encouraging and incorporating self-love above all is a critical add-on to the end of this year. We are in the beginnings of summer and all the pressures of the ‘hot girl summer body’ narrative that’s sold to us each year. What better way to shake that sh^%$t off and express your true self than the gift of the EB Boudoir experience. To yourself, for yourself, by yourself  (well, I’ll be there technically *wink).

Celebrate You

It may surprise you, or not, that a majority of the EB Boudoir babe’s tend to book our sessions in the studio for themselves, and I want to celebrate that. I adore this gift as not only a wonderful treat for your partner or lover but that you want to rock, rediscover and renew your unique feminine sensuality.

There are countless objectives when approaching a boudoir photoshoot, and I celebrate every one of them. I offer freedom to express who you are in my studio and in front of my lens. You are the main event, lovie, and the recipient! 


Self Love, Independence Day


I often speak of the order and reveal experience that we book together after your shoot. It’s always the highlight of the experience. Yes, you are seeing yourself for the first time, all your gorgeous outfits and the amazing angles and shots; however, it’s also the moment where you are fully acknowledging your sexuality as a woman, right there in the photographs.

You see yourself in full expression of your uniqueness, courage, and beauty. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? That’s why there is so much more to this opportunity that meets the eye. There is no pressure to be anything but yourself and I approach each shoot this way. There is nothing to hide, only room to explore. 

  Independence Day, Denver Studio


So I ask you, what is the story you want to tell this Independence Day? And how do you wish to celebrate it? 

Babe, are you ready!? Contact me today, and let’s celebrate YOU!