Boudoir Albums: Why more than just digitals

Today, let’s dive into the world of boudoir albums and why they are an absolute must-have. Are you ready? Let’s just dive in on why having a tangible album (or having your photos printed in someway) is important! Capturing your unique beauty and display in an album: Boudoir photography is all about celebrating your unique […]

Print Pricing for My Previous Clients

Don’t let your precious digital images experience fomo. You hopefully purchased a gorgeous album or Italian folio box from me, but along with it came digital images that perhaps you didn’t include in your album or box? Don’t let those images experience FOMO. Now, EB BOUDOIR is offering printing options for those previous clients who […]

Boudoir Product Sale with EB BOUDOIR

Boudoir products sale with EB BOUDOIR happening now. Why?! Closing of One of My Favorite Boudoir Product Suppliers Hey there, ladies! Sad news for me came via email on October 1st. One of my favorite boudoir product suppliers had to close their doors. Reasons are unknown at this time, but that currently means that I […]

Framing Your Boudoir Photos | Yay or Nay?

Framing your boudoir photos on the wall- who on Earth would do such a thing?! What if my Grandma sees? What if my mother-in-law sees?! Oh the horror… (Hyperventilating while hand dramatically flies the forehead…) But is it, really? Why Framing Your Boudoir Photos is Amazing 1.) You got the courage to rock your boudoir […]

hanging boudoir images

EB Boudoir Album | EB Boudoir

Your boudoir session is over, you are so excited about the reveal…so, why not turn the session into a lifelong memory? that is where The Boudoir Album comes in.     I absolutely adore The Boudoir Album. A stunning and perfect keepsake that you can look through post-session and catch yourself just loving the woman […]

The Boudoir Album

How to keep that confidence flowing | EB Boudoir

Your boudoir session was epic! So, how to keep that confidence flowing post shoot? Well, hun, I got you.  The Shoot Babe, you have invested in a seriously gorgeous outfit; you seized the day and hopefully the night after your boudoir photo shoot!  You have an incredible experience to look back on and stunning photos […]

EB Boudoir, Confidence

Folio Box or Album | EB Boudoir

Folio Box or Album. Question is, what’s your dream? We can start there. If you are here to empower yourself, you are in the right place.  From vision to execution, this experience does not end at the last click of my camera.  The boudoir experience brings us timeless moments, ones we can look back on […]

Black and White Vs. Color Photography

Black and White Vs. Color Photography. Which to choose, right? On one side you have vibrant warm skin toned images which can be ideal for intimate boudoir shoots. Then, there’s the timeless black and white boudoir images that will always be amazing and in-style. But which should you take home with you? Which is ideal […]

Reveal and Ordering Appointment Experience

So, what is the mysterious Reveal and Ordering appointment you’ve read about in my client experience process? Sounds like a big to-do when you mention a word like reveal but it’s really very simple, love. After you’ve rocked your amazing EB BOUDOIR session experience in my Denver Studio, we set up a date and time […]

Accordion Album | Perfect Stocking Stuffer for You Know Who

Not too long ago, EB BOUDOIR started offering fun little gift add-ons to clients ordering packages. Not only did the ladies want something more than the Luxury Boudoir Album or the Designer Folio Boxes, they wanted special treats to gift to someone special.   Well, here’s a client gift favorite! The Accordion Album!     […]